SI of Salt Lake Live Your Dream Award Winners


The Salt Lake Club supports women returning to the work force by awarding scholarships to local women each year.

Following is the list of winners.   Click on the link to learn more about the winners.





2019 Winners

Nichole Rodrigue (1st place)

Lauren Johnson  (2nd place)

Randi Mitchell (3rd place)

Heidi Nelson  (Jeanne's Happy Heart Award)



2020 Winners

Rebekah Louder (1st place)

Suzanne Freeman  (2nd place)

Amy Rasmuson (3rd place)

Carly Chavira  (Jeanne's Happy Heart Award)



2021 Winners

Heather Day (1st place)

Tracy LaVelle  (2nd place)

Amanda Smith (3rd place)

Kristy Nebeker (4th place)

Marialice Zegarra and Joanne Milien  (Jeanne's Happy Heart Award)

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