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Michelle Sorenson is our 1st Place

Award Winner for 2018


Our First Place Winner is Michelle Sorenson.  Michelle is a student at Tooele Technical College in the Accounting Clerk Program.  Michele is divorced with three children ages 19, 16 and 12 years of age.  Michelle is a two time breast cancer survivor.  She underwent a double mastectomy in July 2013 and was told that they got it all and she was cancer free. 

In January 2016 she discovered another lump which turned out to be    cancerous as well causing her additional surgery, chemo and radiation.  Through all of this she was working two jobs and being overwhelmed with medical bills and stress.

She quit one of her jobs and then lost the second one.  This gave her     impetus to go back to school.  She is employed at Tooele Technical College while she is attending school there. 

With great enthusiasm regarding her future and the future of her family.  She was a delightful speaker with humor and grace despite her tough recent experiences.  She was awarded a check in the amount of $2300.00.

            Live Your Dream Award 2018


Jaide Clark is our 2nd Place

Award Winner for 2018

Our Second Place Winner is Jaide Clark.  Jaide is attending Mountainland Technical College where she is working on her medical assisting     certificate.  Her dream is to become a nurse. 

Jaide is a single mother of two little girls ages three and five.  Jaide comes from a family where there was some history of drug abuse and she herself got involved in drugs because of this environment.  She found herself   pregnant at age 20 and knew that she had to clean up her life.

She has been sober for six years and is finally chasing her goals of making a better life for herself and her children. 

Jaide is working hard to get to the point where she can take care of her children and live the life she has dreamed of. 

She was a charming speaker with humble emotion about the difficulty she has faced.  She was awarded a check in the amount of $2000.00.

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