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Breakfast with Santa is a program to reward single mothers who are working toward self-reliance. Soroptimist of Salt Lake understands the desire of a mother to provide for her children. Single mothers work hard to establish and stay within a budget; however when Christmas comes around, the budget often goes out the window and mothers find themselves in financial debt before they start the New Year.

Breakfast with Santa was created to ensure single mothers get off to a good start in the New Year.

Qualifications: All mothers must qualify to attend and be invited.

  1. Mother must be in an educational program to become self-reliant. Example: accredited State or private college or technical school

  2. Mother needs to be head of her own household (lives alone with children).

  3. Children must be under 18 and living with their mother.

  4. The moms may only participate one year unless they are in an accredited State, private college or technical school , to increase their earning skills. Since their income won’t increase until they graduate or complete the program, we support them in their education process.

Breakfast with Santa provides new warm clothing for the children and (2) new toys per child.

To apply for the 2021 Single Mom's Breakfast with Santa, click here.

Would you like to help support this program?  Click to learn about our fundraising:


COVID-19 Precautions were taken in 2020 and 2021.  Click here for photos of our 2020 Breakfast with Santa:

Gallery of Photos


For more information regarding the event or if you would like to volunteer contact us at


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