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Book Program

Since 2007 the Soroptimist of Salt Lake have been buying college books for young parents who have graduated from the Young Parent Program at Horizonte or Granite.  These are girls that we worked with in the high school program and have graduated high school and are now attending college.  Many of these girls are in financial situations that assist them with grants, but books are typically extra.  This has been a very successful program where we have seen a number of young mothers graduate from college with the help of the Soroptimist for their books.

 “The Soroptimist have helped since I have started college buying me books by going every semester to the school bookstore.  I am very glad they are still helping me with books even after graduating college and going on to the university.  If it wasn’t for the help of the Soroptimist, I don’t think I would have gotten this far in my career because it would be very difficult to buy books for myself. 


Katerin Tores”   

Kaili B.jpeg

Kaili Barnes-Black (shown above with Soroptimist member Carma Ingram) was honored at our 2019 Awards Banquet for participating in the College Book Program

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