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Soroptimist International of Salt Lake works very hard every year in different programs and projects. All of programs and projects target women and girls from different ages and communities.


All members of SI of Salt Lake volunteer on these programs toimprove the lives of women and girls, through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.


Soroptimist International of Salt Lake participates in programs on the local level helping our community.

Dream It - Be It Career Support for Girls


The Soroptimist Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls program empowers girls to break cycles of poverty, violence, and abuse by giving them the self-confidence and knowledge they need to achieve success in their future careers and personal lives.


Dream It, Be It reaches girls in secondary school who face obstacles to their future success. Through small group workshops or a conference setting, we mentor girls on setting and achieving their goals, moving forward after setbacks or failures, and discovering career opportunities. 


By reaching girls while they are still young, we not only can help them stay healthy and safe in the short term, but we can reduce the number of women in crisis in the future. Putting them on a path will help them realize their dreams.

For more information on Dream It - Be It, click 

Live Your Dream


You can make the difference!

Dream It Be It

Soroptimist International of Salt Lake is a 501c3 charitable organization.  Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to programs benefitting women and girls in local communities and throughout the world!

Breakfast With Santa (BWS)


The Single Mom’s Breakfast with Santa is a reward for single mothers who are working to improve their self-reliance and their ability to support their families. Single mothers are referred by community organizations.


To learn more about this program go to:

Live your Dream


Live Your is an online volunteer network, a self-motivated community of people who wish to support women and girls in their quest to lead better lives, while gaining inspiration in their own lives.


When you join the Live Your Dream community, you join a group of like-minded individuals who dream of making the world a better place for women and girls. JOIN the community now and let’s make those dreams a reality.


Visit the campaign’s online home at

Live Your Dream is a Project of Soroptimist International.

Dream Believers.JPG

Through the Dream Believers Mentorship program established in 2020, Soroptimist of Salt Lake goes beyond the award to reach out to participants in our Live Your Dream, Dream It - Be It, and Single Mom's Breakfast with Santa.  This voluntary mentorship pairs a woman or girl with a Soroptimist Member, who serves as cheerleader, coach, or just a listening ear.  The objective of the program is to provide another avenue for women and girls to become their best selves and achieve economic independence.

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Dream Believers
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