Helping girls grow to be confident, successful, happy adults!


Dream It, Be It reaches girls in secondary school who face obstacles to their future success. Through small group workshops or a conference setting, we mentor girls on setting and achieving their goals, moving forward after setbacks or failures, and discovering career opportunities. 

The Dream It, Be It Curriculum includes sessions on:

 (1) Discovering Your Dreams

 (2) Exploring Careers

 (3) Creating Achievable Goals

 (4) Rising Above Obstacles

 (5) Turning Failure to Success

 (6) Balancing Your Stress, and

 (7) Putting Dreams into Action


SI of Salt Lake has implemented this curriculum through partnerships with local alternative high schools.  Dream It - Be It participants are encouraged to participate in the Dream Believers mentorship program.

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Meet our 2021 Dream It - Be It Scholarship Winner Beatriz Gomez

Beatriz Gomez is a graduate of Granite Connections High School, where she participated in SI of Salt Lake's Dream It - Be It Program.  Here is Beatriz' application essay:

"In my teenage years, I learned to be independent. In 2016 I was separated from my mother, because she was deported to Mexico. I was sent to live with my aunt for 2 years. While I was with my aunt, I became pregnant. I had to learn fast to become a young mother at 15 to a baby that had severe medical problems. I had to quit school and take care of my baby full-time because I had to monitor all of her equipment and give her medicine all through the day. She needed constant help for 8 months, until she passed away. 



In December 2018 my aunt put my sister and me in state custody, but my sister had to be separated from me so she could find a foster family that was a better fit for her. We are still in state custody today. Shortly after I went to state custody, I started high school. I worked really hard to catch up on my credits and now in my senior year I have begun working on my CNA certificate also. I hope in the future I can work in the medical field while going to college. I have been accepted to Salt Lake Community College and hope to transfer to the University of Utah to study medicine and become an OBGYN. 

Receiving the scholarship would give me much needed financial support. Soon I won’t be in the foster care system anymore, and I will be completely on my own. This scholarship will help to lift me up, and give me an incredible start to beginning my education to become an OBGYN. Working to become a CNA, I realize that I want to serve elderly adults and people and help them feel worthwhile and happy. I want to work as a CNA, then a Medical Assistant while in college, then become an OBGYN.


The reason I want to be an OBGYN is because I want to help women. I want to deliver babies and help young moms, especially teen moms. Working at a hospital as a professional, I would like to talk to and listen to women about their experience of becoming a mother. I think this career is supportive and can help mothers who are struggling. Women sometimes need another woman to work through all the thoughts, feelings, options, questions and sometimes they don’t have anyone to talk to. I want to be that person. 

I also want to become a foster parent. Fostering is a huge role, because children in foster care sometimes don’t know what it is like to have a family. For me, I didn’t have my mom around during hard times, so I know the importance of having a loving and caring example of a foster family. I would like to advocate for young people in foster care and out of foster care. From my personal experience, my sister and I have had dramatically different stories while being in foster care. I hope to inspire people to know that even though we all come from different paths and circumstances that there is hope. I want to accomplish these things and help others realize their worth and know that even after the most ugly days, good days come. 

When I was taking care of my baby in 2018, I missed a whole year of school, I never thought that I would be able to go back to school and even finish my high school diploma. Now, I have an opportunity to go to college and realize a bigger dream. If I receive the scholarship, it will help me achieve my greater dreams. Having the moral support and cheerleading from my foster family and friends has meant a great deal to me because life has been hard and I was by myself. I couldn’t have done it without the help of many people. Aside from the support from the foster care program, I feel that this Soroptimist Organization can help me create great things in my life.

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