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2019 Live Your Dream Award Winners

Nichole R.jpeg

1st Place:  Nichole Rodrigue


Nicole is divorced with two children.  Her young daughter was a victim of sexual abuse and was trying to deal with it on her own, which caused grave mental consequences for her daughter.  When Nicole became aware of the situation the family stepped in to provide the love and support she needs to get through this.  Nicole even had to step away from school for a time to stabilize the situation with her daughter.  


Nicole is attending nursing school at Fortis College and will graduate in March 2019. When she graduates she hopes to work as a hospice nurse.

2nd Place:  Lauren Johnson


Lauren is the mother of 3 children.  She recently ended her abusive marriage after trying once before and returning to her abuser because she needed the financial stability.  She has realized that she has the power to create her own financial stability through education.  She is now in her 1st semester at Ameritech College.  Getting the call from Soroptimist about her LYD award gave her one more clue that she’s going in the right direction.  Going back to school has also been a great example for her kids.

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Randi M.jpeg

3rd Place:  Randi Mitchell


Randi has 5 children and recently ended a verbally and mentally abusive marriage.  She said that bruises go away but words don’t.  She needed to go to school to get a job that she could use to support her family.  She is attending nursing school through Ameritech College and will graduate in 2020.  She stresses to her kids to go to school and get an education.

Jeanne's Happy Heart Award:

Heidi Nelson


Jeanne was a Soroptimist for many years whose family honors her memory by presenting a check to one of our LYD award winners.  This year Jeanne's Award went to Heidi Nelson.  Heidi heard of SISLC from attending Breakfast with Santa.  She researched Soroptimist, found the LYD award, and applied.  When she got the email about the award she said she cried all day because the award came just as she was dealing with many other financial problems.  She said that sometimes you forget that there are caring people in the world. 


She is attending Brigham Young University in marketing.  When she graduates, she hopes to be involved a company that will hire single mom’s that can work from home and still be available for their families.

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