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            Live Your Dream Award 2014

   Shirlee Draper - 1st Place

    Shirlee shared her story of breaking away from an FLDS community and the strengths that she needed to start her life from scratch.

    She has endured so much, from starting a brand new life to being a great mother to her four children, with two having special needs.

    She is actively seeking a career goal to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. In addition, she volunteers her time to help others coming out of FLDS situations, as well as participating for other causes. Shirlee even mentioned she might start a St. George Soroptomist Club! Let’s hope so!


    Shirlee also won the National Women's Opportunity Award as well as the Region and Club levels!

    Thank you for your great effort to continue with higher education. Shirlee received a scholarship from the Rankin Foundation.  Jeanette Rankin was the first female elected to US Congress AND a huge proponent of feminism and equal rights. What an amazing woman to follow!

         Leilani Numbers 

              2nd Place

    Leilani got out of an abusive and toxic marriage of many years over a year ago.

    She realized afterward that being single with five children was a harsh reality. She knew that she needed a quick fix to survive and stay put and also she needed to develop a long term plan that would create a stronger foundation facing the obstacles that lied ahead. This gave her the courage to finish her education, which was vital to her plan.


    She soon started to work cleaning houses as she enrolled in school. Her plan is to finish her AAS in Paralegal Studies, and then to work in the field as she continues her education for a Bachelors degree. Her desire is to use the skills and knowledge acquired, to not only be the means of providing for her family, but to also serve those in need.


    Leilani has really proven herself to be a woman of endurance juggling school, work and five kids successfully.


    "I feel like I just have to keep moving forward day by day, looking ahead, somehow, knowing we will all make it"

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